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Video 1 - What is a "Lemon"?


Video 2 - Remedies available under the California Lemon Law.


Video 3 - How long does a lemon law claim take?


Video 4 - What is a "reasonable" number of repair attempts?


Video 5 - Used Vehicles and California's Lemon Law


Video 6 - Arbitration and the Lemon Law.

This video website was created to assist consumers in understanding their rights under our California lemon law. Each video introduces a different topic. These topics answer the questions we hear most often from potential clients.

Has your vehicle been back to the dealership over and over again for repairs while under warranty, spent too much time in the shop, or multiple times for a specific problem? You may have a valid claim under our California Lemon Law. A valid California Lemon Law demand that is presented to the automobile manufacturer by our firm can often reach a resolution in as little as 15 days! A valid California Lemon Law settlement will allow you to get a refund of all the monies and payments you have made, as well as a payoff of any lease/loan balance and rid yourself of the defective vehicle. Or, if the consumer desires, a settlement can yield a brand new replacement vehicle. Our provided video’s address the topics of repurchase, replacement, cash settlements as well as other types of monetary settlements.

Having California’s Largest Lemon Law Firm on your side.

We are the Law Offices of William R. McGee, the California Lemon Law experts. Our team of experienced California Lemon Law attorneys, under the direction of lead counsel William R. McGee, have settled over 15,120 California Lemon Law cases. Our settlement success rate is 99%. We have 28 years of experience settling California Lemon Law cases. Having California’s largest Lemon Law firm working for you has many benefits. Our attorneys travel the state. If the need arises - we come to you. Cases are processed quickly and efficiently. We spend extra time making sure our clients have all their questions answered, and
understand the Lemon Law claim and settlement process before their case is started. The time spent communicating continues until the case concludes. Though we are the state’s largest lemon law firm, we personally handle every call. We do not use “voice mail” or other electronic/computer phone systems. When you call our firm during business hours, you speak with live, knowledgeable people - not a computer or machine.

We know the automobile manufacturers. We have worked closely with them for 28 years. Quality working relationships between the Lemon Law attorney firm and the automobile manufacturers legal representatives is an integral part of ensuring a successful conclusion to each Lemon Law claim.   

We receive legal fees and costs from the automobile manufacturer.

When our
California Lemon Law was enacted, the statute included a “reasonable attorneys fees and costs” provision. This means that the automobile manufacturer is responsible to pay us monies for our attorney’s fees (time) and costs (costs to pursue case). This makes legal representation a reality for the consumer.

We avoid needless lawsuits to save you time and frustration.

We are in the business of settling (winning) our clients Lemon Law cases in the shortest possible time. We strive to settle our cases up front with the automobile manufacturers to avoid potentially lengthy litigation (lawsuits). However, if the manufacturer is stubborn, and will not settle, we will vigorously enforce our clients legal rights by taking all legal steps to pursue their Lemon Law claim. Our firm only has to go to court in roughly 3 of every 1,000 cases we pursue. That’s the difference experience makes!

Thousands of frustrated consumers trade-in their vehicles each year to car dealerships due to repeated repair attempts, breakdowns, and fear of “the next time” the vehicle fails or malfunctions.  Car dealerships often prey on these consumers by offering-up sales lines like “we will get you out of your car”, which is nothing more than the dealership selling another vehicle, and taking the consumers in trade to make yet another sale.  The unknowing consumer often loses thousands of dollars in the dealership's “goodwill” trade-in “offer”.  In worse-case scenarios, the consumer loses all equity in his/her trade in, or worse yet owes more than his/her trade-in vehicle is appraised-for, with the dealership carrying over the “negative equity” into the next sales contract!

It is vitally important for consumers to realize that the car dealership is not responsible for buying back or replacing a consumer’s vehicle that turns out to be a “lemon”.  The dealership’s responsibility in their franchise agreement is simply to repair vehicles’ to conform to the manufacturer’s warranty.  The manufacturer is the party that is ultimately responsible for repurchasing or replacing a “lemon” vehicle.  All too often consumers waste valuable time and effort asking the dealer to buy-back or replace their vehicle, much to their growing frustration.

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